author-photographHuw was born in 1962 at Kings College Hospital in London.   He was the third child and only son of William and Pamela Evans.

Huw lived in London up until the age of 11 and then the family moved to a small village on the west coast of Ireland, due to the work demands of his father.   The family remained in Ireland until he was 13, at which time his parents separated and they returned to London.

He spent his later teens living in East Anglia with his mother and stepfather.   On leaving school he trained as a Physical Therapist/Fitness Instructor/Masseur.   His first employment was at Shrubland Hall Health Farm near Ipswich where he not only worked as a masseur to many celebrities but he became one of the earliest Pilates instructors in the country.

In 1984 he married a local woman and in 1987 their first daughter was born.

In 1989 Huw embarked on his first business venture, a hair salon incorporating massage facilities which took him and his family to the New Forest where later that year his first son was born.

In the following years Huw trained as a hairdresser and after qualifying he returned to East Anglia where he gained experience as an employee before opening his own salon.

Over the next ten years the business grew and flourished, as did his reputation.  He also celebrated the arrival of another son and finally a second daughter.

In the year 2000 Huw contracted the life-threatening illness, encephalitis, and became seriously ill.   As a result his life changed dramatically at this time with the closure of his business.

During his recovery period, and after, he found himself putting pen to paper to explore the depths of his own imagination.   This materialised in the form of poetry, some examples of which can be found here.

This is something that he would never have considered previously.

Over time he has developed his own unique style of writing and with the encouragement of others who saw his potential he has now released his first novel entitled ‘The Mark of the Gate’ as an e-book.

He published this under the pen name H M Howes in remembrance of his formative years during which time he was known by his stepfather’s surname (Howes). He felt it was appropriate to retain a connection to that period in his life.