Blood Sugar.

She snuggled down into the comforting shell and tempting slumber of her bed covers. Her face and entire body were being tormented by an uncompromising chilled air which had been abandoned to the dark window at the edge of her room. Occasionally it would still caress her skin from time to time in its unnecessary attempt to not be completely forgotten. Even her woollen suit of armour was not living up to her expectations of the promise of warmth and protection! Her mind drifted away until sleep sat too heavy on her eyelids to be denied any more.

At 4.45am an unsettling noise forced her eyes and ears to resurface and widen. The sound of laboured breathing was coming from her seven year old younger sister’s bed. A terrifying and somewhat disconcerting hold paralysed her to the spot for just a moment. It had been noticed earlier that evening that her sister’s skin had become very, very dry indeed and rather pale. There had also been the mention of a considerable weight loss in fact a stone in just ten days. She would also now often be seen asleep during the hours of daylight! Panic soon became her strongest emotion, for what if she was sharing a room with one of the undead, a vampire no less? She could take the hand mirror from the chest of drawers beside her and see if there was a reflection. That course of action was suddenly stopped by a eureka moment, it was dark. The truth is her sister’s life from now on was to be controlled by blood or should I say blood sugar, for she (Jodie) had been reborn into a new world of being diabetic!

Wait a minute; the brakes in your mind have just slammed to a grinding halt! I thought this was some kind of fantasy/horror or even sci-fi story, you say to yourself. For that you will have to read my novel ‘The Mark of the Gate’. However the worst demons are the ones in real life that need to be controlled. After being bundled into the car Jodie was rushed to the local A and E department for by now the need for a blood bank or pumping vein had been discounted. Her state of health was very poor indeed, in fact lethargy bordering on unconsciousness. For my wife and I it was much more than just frightening it was also strangely surreal. She was taken into the resuscitation room and before long eight members of staff were prodding and poking, inserting a cannula, setting up drips and taking blood. If there was an upside to all of this it was that none of the staff looked like vampire slayers! I’m not trying to make light of the situation but I have learned that you have a better chance of overcoming something you don’t fear. She was diagnosed with keto-acidosis, a life threatening condition which had been brought about by her blood sugar levels running too high for too long. This is how I know the previous because I was so afraid of losing her! Thank God We Did Not!
After her recovery she was taught how to monitor her diabetes, taking her own blood glucose levels and giving herself injections. This was the world she had to adapt to!

Jodie is now fifteen and has an insulin pump attached via a cannula. She inputs information and is told how much insulin is needed. This not only corrects her current blood glucose level but also counteracts any food or drink she may have had at that time. Since first becoming diabetic her life has been a rollercoaster of emotions with many ups and downs so maybe being a vampire would have been the lesser of two evils for her. All I can say is that her diabetes is a part of what she is and in some way has helped to make her who she is; someone to be proud of and someone my world would be a far worse place without!

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