Empty Step

Where is it written that on those rare occasions when you find that moment of perfect sleep someone or something is going to manage to wake you up?  Maybe an all-powerful being has decided that true appreciation is only discovered through the act of longing. Qiang’s eyes were stuck firmly together unwilling to accept the… Read More

Last Tear.

Sometimes it’s hard to cry out that last tear and sometimes you never will! It has been a while since I last put finger to keyboard and even longer since I have felt quite so vulnerable. For some of you this will be hard to read although you can always stop, turn away and forget… Read More

Blood Sugar.

She snuggled down into the comforting shell and tempting slumber of her bed covers. Her face and entire body were being tormented by an uncompromising chilled air which had been abandoned to the dark window at the edge of her room. Occasionally it would still caress her skin from time to time in its unnecessary… Read More

Birth And Hope.

On the 13th of January 1987 I was ready to battle the world or even some hungry creatures of the night; such as diabetic vampires knowing that my sugar levels were well above normal due to an overindulgence of fully-fledged coca cola. Any attempt to suck me dry of my blood was bound to fail… Read More

Elvis And Family.

It was the 17th August 1977. I was fifteen years old and standing in my older sister’s kitchen in Diss, Norfolk, England. That morning I had crawled out of my bed, like any other non-school day, and made my way to the bathroom. After trying not to splash the toilet seat, being too lazy to… Read More

Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind.

Have you ever met an alien? ‘What!’ you say whilst trying to disassociate yourself from me in case I’m dangerous. You’ll be fine, so calm down; anyway I’m not even in the same room as you so there is no need to panic.   If I was you’d still be perfectly safe as my mouse and… Read More

Fate Threw Me A Curve Ball.

Here it comes.   You will either get it or you won’t.   I’m going to ask the question you’ve had sitting on the edge of your tongue for some time now but have been too afraid to let pass over your lips for the fear of making it so.   Is my life over?   How does he… Read More

Quentin Tarantino Fate or Choice?

In what you are about to read my intention is hopefully not to leave you feeling in the dark grips of a life sucking vampire; hoping for death to come quickly as a pale finger reaches out for an X at the top of the right hand corner of the screen. My purpose is far… Read More