Upon these sheets of inviting lure within the promise of merging lips where twisting tongues hold woven spell as passion jumps past carefree edge   hands intertwined with no regret as moisture bleeds from heated flesh riding the endorphins of ignited minds to the binding of thrusting body lines   tightening of muscle to climax… Read More

Blood Line

If a tear becomes too heavy for you alone to carry let it break free from your soured eyes for me to catch in blind faith as it slowly falls. Between the love of woven fingers there it can rest strengthened by a caring and belonging soul for we are much more together than apart… Read More


Sleep, now sleep in a perfect slumber where fear and pain have no place to be considered only our last touch of lips on skin to be given some recognition as its intent cradles around your essence for an entire eternity feeling the warmth of love touching love without compromise or the need to wipe… Read More


On a single idea I sit myself down wanting Letting thoughts swing back and forth to the corners of a desperate mind They’re looking for a place to gain substance and comfort in the possibility of change This is my playground of make believe where I can permit such things to become more Even if… Read More


Don’t ask me to cry any more. I’m empty, parched by your thirst, any moisture has been bled away. If I sweat out a tear would it belong to me or be one more payment for you to claim. Turmoil winds brought arid kiss, meanly hitting the corners of my eyes. Now my soul’s a… Read More


Perfection is what we bought, a strong jaw line, muscles taut. Hair that hides no receding line, sparkling truth from teeth and tongue.   Body unblemished from flesh to heart, image of Adonis, set apart;. or a Goddess with strands of gold, eyes of passion that take a hold.   Skin clear fresh as newborn… Read More


Smudged. I cannot swallow, only a slight aftertaste watered down steps run back and forth across clarity’s edge, so it can’t be seen. Smudged. Fingers merged into one, interlocked thoughts unravelled, undone. Words have no solid sound melting into endless moan. Smudged. Lines tear and crack covering true features with a blur, eyes hidden in… Read More