Short Stories

My Brother’s Keeper

Jason slowly moved back and forth on an old rocking chair at the far end of the dust covered, white painted flaking porch.   A gentle breeze lifted his long dark hair and then replaced it concealing his face; he pushed it back revealing once more the deepest and most haunting blue eyes.   His chair creaked… Read More

Lost and Found

What is the first thing that enters your mind in that moment you wake?  Do you look forward to the opportunities of yet another day or perhaps you are just plagued by the lost opportunities of the days already gone?  In truth, at that second of tired eyes being forced open, you just simply wish… Read More


She could feel her thoughts rustling inside her mind, little butterflies flapping against one another. If only she could rip off their wings and discard their irritating flutter she could restore some composure and walk away leaving them all behind. She knew however that they would keep on growing in their irritation to an undeniable… Read More


It was like any sunrise giving birth to yet another day, only the taste of fresh air bringing the hope of something new. The smell of the heather was lifted by the wind until it caressed the walls of a solitary old house. Within these tired bricks of memories and lost time she sat waiting… Read More