Fate Threw Me A Curve Ball.

Here it comes.   You will either get it or you won’t.   I’m going to ask the question you’ve had sitting on the edge of your tongue for some time now but have been too afraid to let pass over your lips for the fear of making it so.   Is my life over?   How does he know this you say nervously whilst scanning the room with your eyes looking for any sign of hidden cameras and trying to adjust your body language or is he some kind of mind reader?   Oh yes, maybe an alien who has taken me in my sleep and implanted some kind of device in my head.   No, it is simple.   I am you!

Now I’ve gone and done it haven’t I?   You’re back on those alien theories again aren’t you but now a clone being the most certain explanation.   It’s only going to be a matter of time before I kill you and take over your complete life!   Sorry you’re wrong.   It is none of the above although sometimes I do think that the idea of me being extraterrestrial is a popular notion with many of the people I meet.   The truth is not so fantastic, as for the aliens that’s another blog!   In the year 2000 I contracted encephalitis and my life was turned upside down.   All that I was or could ever be had changed over night!   Hold it; I take back what I said about the above because sometimes I do feel like a clone.   Not a very good one but one just the same.   I’m me but not me; unable to do the tasks I always took for granted and hating myself for it.   However the one thing I can always guarantee is that I will overreact to situations in an uncharacteristic way or that’s what I tell myself.   In truth my reactions are only amplified tenfold.   Before you lose the will to live and start drowning in my self-pity never mind your own, STOP, because I have just remembered something which is a rare occurrence in itself and as such should be applauded and paid attention to.   I’ve got a computer keyboard in front of me and I’m writing this to you.   ‘So what’ I hear you shout!   Okay does this impress you more?   I’ve also written a novel entitled ‘The Mark of the Gate’ and people are buying it from Amazon as a kindle e-book.   I’m running my own website, although if I’m being honest with a lot of help as computer literate I am not.   Why this is all so amazing is because before my illness I was a mild dyslexic who only used a pen to put appointments in a diary; not a good read.   The idea of using a computer was completely alien to me.   The writing started as part of my rehabilitation and grew into so much more.   I have to point out that from all the negativity and loss came a new beginning for me.   It’s time to go back to the question.   Is my life over?   The answer has to be an emphatic NO!

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